Getting Started

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Sign up is done automatically once you have completed the following steps:

1. Get a Tron web based wallet such as Tronlink or GuildWallet Chrome extensions.

2. Each player must complete our verification process that includes email and SMS. The verification process is designed to prevent spam accounts. Any users caught using multiple accounts may be banned indefinitely from the site. All phone numbers and email addresses will not be used for anything outside of SmashTraders verification process.

Q: Is it free to play?

A: Yes- you actually “mine” and earn Smash just by playing. Smash can be collected daily. You also can win Smash in tournaments if you are a good trader. Please read our Tokenomics writeup for more details on supply, how Smash is distributed and other details.


Q: How do I get Smash?

A: Once you are verified you will have a Tron Wallet AND a Smash Wallet which is used on SmashTraders only. When you collect your daily Smash (starts at 210 Smash per day- but will increase once our user achievements and level system is implemented) it will be deposited to your Smash Wallet. You can withdraw from your Smash wallet to your Tron Wallet at anytime and vice versa. You can check your Smash balance on the Smashboard or Wallet page.

You can get Smash in the early access sale also. Here is a video showing how to purchase Smash.

Q: Do I need the Tronix token (TRX) to play?

A: Yes you do require some Tron (TRX) to use your Tron wallet. Smashtraders provides a small one time TRX amount so that you can claim your sign up Smash (500 Smash) and play the game. We did this to ensure even people new to Tron can have a chance to play the game. Due to transaction fees on the Tron blockchain you will require more TRX eventually but the amount is very small. Third party exchanges can be used to purchase TRX depending on where you live on Earth. TRX is also accepted to purchase certain items in the Smashstore, and to purchase Smash for access to special exclusive tournaments such as the Genesis Tournaments.

Q: Can I get more Smash?

A: Yes you can (for a limited time) get more Smash with TRX in our Early Access Sale. Only 10% of the total supply was made available to early adopters who want access to the Genesis tournaments (hard coded into the smart contract). Smash will not be available after this amount is purchased, the Genesis Tournaments are all launched or at the discretion of SmashTraders. All remaining Smash is returned to the the allocation pool which is distributed to users as outlined in the tokenomics writeup.

Q: What is the SmashTraders smart contract address?

A: TSnT2tTFTLKJjmsU5dBicU8E2fdWf2e6Dz

You must enter this contract address to add Smash token and view your Smash token balance in your Tron Wallet of choice. For example- in Tronlink select “assett management”, cut and paste the contract address in the “add token” field, you will see SMASH appear.

Q: Is Smash listed on any exchanges?

A: Smash is a Tron based token so should be available on Tron based decentralized third party exchanges in the near future.

Q: How many Smash are there? Is Smash mined? Is it a fair distribution? How many do the developers keep? How are they distributed?

A: For all of these answers and more please read our Tokenomics writeup.

Playing the game

Q: How do I play?

A: You can find guides and information on how to make trades using our trading interface in our references section. BUT the best way to learn is to just join a public tournament of your choice and start trading.  Many traders use Technical Analysis, research market sentiment, search for insider info, use trading groups and chat rooms for tips… you name it. Create your own strategy and go for it!

Q: How do I know the game is fair?

A: One unique and interesting feature of SmashTraders is that all trades are transparent. You can look at other traders moves in the tournament statistics table- found within each tournament gameplay area.

Please note- There is a delay so copy trading is not feasible in real time but you will be able to see how the winners got there! If your nice they may even give you a few pointers in our Chat.

Q: If I buy a nickname is it unique?

A: YES- there can only be one nickname … first come first serve. You can change it though as often as you want.

Q: Where do we obtain the data used on SmashTraders? 

A: For cryptocurrency pricing SmashTraders uses the Binance API and their associated market pricing.

The current price on SmashTraders is the most recent trade price on Binance.

For Market trades made on SmashTraders we use the highest offered price on the sell side for Long (buy) orders and the lowest offered price on the buy side for Short (sell) orders.

Our charting data and associated tools are obtained from Tradingview. For full charting functionality Tradingview has extensive charting tools and built in Technical Indicators that are useful in playing SmashTraders.


Q: It’s just not working. What now?

A: Please check our Discord, Telegram or the SmashTraders Chat and ask for help from our Admin or a friendly group member. If that does not help please submit an issue HERE and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

Q: I have a Tron wallet but it won’t connect?

A: Check your settings on your wallet to ensure the node is functioning. If there is an issue with a particular node your wallet can not connect to the blockchain. Try a different node first.

Double check your wallet address is the address that you used for verification. You may be using a different account?

Check our  Discord, Telegram or the SmashTraders Chat and ask our Admin or another smashtrader user if they can help! We will try to be on these communication channels as much as possible but we are a small team so it may take a bit of time to respond. You can also request support through the site HERE.

If SmashTraders is down for some unforseen reason we will post a notice on the home page.

Q: I found an issue or a bug- who do I report it to?

A: Please report any issues or bugs ASAP to us HERE. -it is much appreciated.


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