By purchasing early access SMASH you will be given:
  • Access to the exclusive Genesis SMASH Tournaments which are only available to early access participants. The Genesis tournaments will have large SMASH seed starting pool prizes
  • Whitelisted for beta tournaments set to kick off in Early 2020
  • A limited edition collectible SmashCard skin- once cards are released


Welcome to SmashTraders

SmashTraders is a fast-paced, skill-based cryptocurrency trading game that lets you create and compete in custom tournaments.

By purchasing early access SMASH you will be given:
  • Access to the exclusive Genesis SMASH Tournaments which are only available to early access participants. The Genesis tournaments will have large SMASH seed starting pool prizes
  • Whitelisted for beta tournaments set to kick off in early 2020

  • A limited edition collectible SmashCard skin.

What is SMASH?

SMASH is the in-game currency used to run the SmashTraders economy. This token uses the TRC-20 standard on the Tron network.

All users require SMASH to:

  • Create and participate in public and private trading tournaments
  • Participate in Smash Tournaments

Purchase digital assets in the SmashStore such as:

  • Customizations for your SmashCard
  • Special privileges in SmashChat
  • Custom nickname
  • Other special items

You can earn SMASH by:

Participating in the Early Access

Placing in Smash Tournaments

Daily Activity



Our Vision For SmashTraders

As gamers and developers we are disappointed with the vast majority of gaming Apps on the market. We're here to change that.

There is a strong demand for skill-based blockchain games but most games are Ponzi schemes, gambling games and even outright scams. The most common models attempt to incentivize early adopters too heavily which disincentives user growth. With that model new players are at a significant disadvantage. There is also a lack of transparency within games and the user is left wondering if the game is fair.

SmashTraders was developed to solve these issues through the following:

  • All players enter tournaments on an equal playing field. Their success in tournaments is based on trading skill alone.
  • We designed SmashLevel which is a fair and balanced experience point based level system. Players with a higher SmashLevel receive more daily SMASH allowance.
  • We designed the game such that all players closed positions within tournaments are publicly visible. This promotes fairness while preventing trade mimicking.
    We use smart contracts and blockchain technology to be transparent and prove the fairness of our distribution of SMASH and SmashCard collectibles.
  • We designed the SMASH distribution and allocation structure to
    • Maximize number of users and promote user growth
    • To strategically seed tournaments to create a healthy competitive environment
    • Maximize distribution to depend on SmashTrader success through user growth


Why Tron?

Several factors were considered when choosing which blockchain to launch SMASH on. The main reasons for choosing Tron are:

  • High throughput/instant transactions
  • Great community support
  • Low/no transaction fees as well as the ability to supply energy and bandwidth for our users
  • Tron has the fastest growing dApp community

In the future we may add compatibility with other blockchains such as Ethereum or EOS but this will not impact the total supply of SMASH.


Tournament Types

Players who participate in the early access gain exclusive access to the Genesis Tournaments. These tournaments are seeded with large prize pools to kick-off the launch of SmashTraders. Each tournament lasts one week. These are a one-time event. Here are the details of each tournament:

Genesis Tier I

Prize Seed: 50,000,000 SMASH
Entry Fee: 25,000 SMASH
Rebuys: 2
Duration: 7 Days

Genesis Tier II

Prize Seed: 15,000,000 SMASH
Entry Fee: 10,000 SMASH
Rebuys: 2
Duration: 7 Days

Genesis Tier III

Prize Seed: 2,500,000 SMASH
Entry Fee: 2,500 SMASH
Rebuys: 2
Duration: 7 Days

Smash Tournaments

These are tournaments hosted by the Smash Team. They are seeded with SMASH that comes from the tournament seed wallet. This means that the tournament prize pool is equal to: Seed Amount + Entry Fees & Rebuys

Aside from daily allowance, this is the only way that new SMASH is distributed.

This table illustrates the various SMASH tournament types. The frequency of these tournaments will increase to match the demand of active users. (Note: The Genesis Tournaments are a one-time event)

Tourney Type Duration (hrs) Seed Entry/Seed Ratio Entry Fees Rebuy
Smash Genesis III (1,000 Entry) 168 2,500,000 1,000 2,500 1
Smash Genesis II (10,000 Entry) 168 15,000,000 1,500 10,000 1
Smash Genesis I (50,000 Entry) 168 50,000,000 2,000 25,000 1
Smash Hour (100 Entry) 1 20,000 200 100 1
Smash Hour (500 Entry) 1 100,000 200 500 1
Smash Hour (1,000 Entry) 1 250,000 250 1,000 1
Smash Hour (10,000 Entry) 1 3,000,000 300 10,000 1
Smash 4-Hour (2,000 Entry) 4 500,000 250 2,000 2
Smash 4-Hour (10,000 Entry) 4 3,000,000 300 10,000 2
Smash 12 Hour (500 Entry) 10 100,000 200 500 2
Smash Daily (1,000 Entry) 24 250,000 250 1,000 2
Smash Daily (3,000 Entry) 24 1,200,000 400 3,000 2
Smash Daily (10,000 Entry) 24 4,500,000 450 10,000 2
Smash Weekly (5,000 Entry) 168 2,500,000 500 5,000 3
Smash Weekly (25,000 Entry) 168 15,000,000 600 25,000 3
Smash Monthly (10,000 Entry) 720 6,500,000 650 10,000 4
Smash Monthly (50,000 Entry) 720 35,000,000 700 50,000 4
Smash Champions* 168 10,000,000 20,000 500 0

*Players in the top 100 by SmashRating will have access to this tournament

Public Tournaments

Any user can create their own public tournaments with custom rules using SMASH.

These customizations include entry fees, rebuys, leverage and payout structure. The creator may choose to seed the prize pool with their own SMASH but they are not required to. Any player may join these tournaments if they are able to pay the entry fee.

Private Tournaments

These tournaments have the same customization options as the public tournaments, however require an invite from the creator to participate.

As soon as you are invited by Tron Address, you will see the tournament appear in the ‘Private Tournament’ section of the Join Tournament page.

How to SMASH!

SmashTraders is a one of a kind web app that you can engage with on your phone or desktop browser.

Trading Interface

Once a user joins a tournament, they may access the trading interface. This is where the player can open and manage their trading positions. These are the main features of the trading interface:

  1. Markets: List of all available trading markets. User must select from this list to open a position.
  2. Order Panel: Users enter the details of their desired position here.
  3. Chart: An interactive TradingView chart showing the selected trading pair.
  4. Open Positions: A table containing all active positions and the details of these positions.
  5. Unfilled Positions: A table containing limit positions waiting to be filled
  6. Closed Position: A table containing closed positions
  7. Tournament Statistics: A table containing tournaments leaders and their corresponding tournament rank.
  8. View Activity: View another player’s closed positions

How to use the trading interface.


This page contains all the important information about your active tournaments, positions and balances at a glance. It is an easy way to launch into your active tournaments. These are the main features of the SmashBoard:

  1. SmashCard
  2. Smash Balances
  3. ‘Collect Your SMASH’ Button
  4. SMASH Distribution Status
  5. Active Tournaments
  6. Open Positions
  7. Unfilled Positions
  8. Public Tournaments


Your Wallets


Players can hold SMASH in two places, their Tron wallet (ie. Tronlink) and their SmashWallet.


This is the local wallet that holds a players active SMASH balance. A users daily allowance and tournament winnings will always be sent to this wallet. SMASH held here may be used to join tournaments, purchase items and interact with the site. SMASH wallet balances will not appear in your Tron wallet token balances but a user may withdraw to their Tron wallet at any time. Using this approach SmashTraders can pay energy and bandwidth costs on behalf of our users.

Tron Wallet

SMASH can also be stored in your Tron wallet. This SMASH can be sent to other players the same as any TRC-20 token. SMASH in your Tron wallet must be deposited to the local SmashWallet in order to use on SmashTraders. SMASH purchased in the early access sale will go to your Tron wallet, however you will have to manually add the Contract address for it to appear.


Smash Some Rewards!

Here are just a few ways we've added depth and character to the game.


Players can spend their hard-earned SMASH in our store for coveted SmashCard upgrades, custom nicknames and other privileges. Check it out !


There are many achievements that a player can unlock primarily through making profitable trades and placing high in tournaments. These achievements yield XP which increase the players level. Some achievements also unlock rare and stylish SmashCard customizations.


SmashCards are fully customizable cards that appear in the tournament roster and user profile. They let you showcase your achievements. There are four types of customizable elements on a SmashCard: Skins, Emblems, Fonts, Colors. Some of these can be unlocked through achievements and others can be purchased in the store for SMASH. These customizations are unique crypto collectibles, that can be traded to other players. Check out an example on the SmashBoard.


SmashRating is calculated based on a players’ performance in tournaments. The calculation is based on a users expected performance when compared to the average rating of all participants in any given tournament similar to an MMR (match-making rating) in other popular competitive games. The SmashRating will determine a players global rank. Players with high SmashRating will have access to exclusive top player tournaments. Achievements can also be unlocked by reaching certain SmashRating thresholds.


Distribution Of SMASH

Total supply: 2,100,000,000 SMASH

Token Distribution is:

  • 10% to Early Access
  • 35% to the Allowance pool which is distributed to daily users
  • 35% to the Tournament Seed pool which is paid out through SMASH Tournaments
  • 20% to the Smash Pool which is for promotions, bounties and other purposes

*Any remaining SMASH from early access will be sent to the Allowance and Tournament


735,000,000 SMASH (35% of Total Supply + 50% remainder of Early Access) allocated to active users daily as follows:


SMASH Tournament Seed Distribution: 735,000,000 SMASH (35% of Total Supply + 50% remainder of Early Access) awarded to winners of SMASH Tournaments. SMASH Tournaments will happen on a dynamic schedule that is designed to increase the frequency of tournaments as the user base grows. The distribution of tournament seed pool should be between 1 – 2 years based on anticipated user growth and activity.


Everytime tokens are allocated to users, an additional 20% of that token amount is sent to the SMASHPOOL. This process continues until full distribution of all tokens has occurred. These funds will be used for promotions, to seed tournaments once distribution is completed and other purposes at SmashTraders discretion.


Account Verification

Account verification is not required for early access. Your Tron public address used in early access will be whitelisted for the exclusive SMASH Genesis tournaments.

Once the SMASH Genesis tournament registration opens, each player must complete our verification process that includes email and SMS. The verification process is designed to prevent spam accounts. Any users caught using multiple accounts will be banned from the site. All phone numbers and email addresses are encrypted in our databases and will NEVER be used for anything outside of verification.


Current Developments

We believe there is significant value in implementing the features listed below. Regulatory consideration may be required before implementation and therefore are subject to change.

We want to give our users the ability to guide our decisions in the future by leveraging the voting power that blockchain provides.

We are considering placing non-invasive ad banners on our site that our users may rent.

Reward Airdrops
A percentage of proceeds from the SmashStore and ad banners will be distributed to our users through SMASH. We have not decided on the specific percentage but the intent is to ensure our users are rewarded for participating in the SMASH economy.

SmashCards as NFTs
Develop the smart contract that will make all SmashCard skins, emblems, fonts and colors NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens)

Other trading related games are being developed and will be announced at a future date.

We are asking for support from the Tron community and hope that through our success we may help support the growth and development of future projects and bring more users into the Tron ecosystem.


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